Our Story


Truman Ball was a giant in the Real Estate industry.  You would be hard pressed to find anyone who knew Truman that would give him anything but praise.  Truman was all about giving, customer service, growth, and getting the job done with 100{a2bfbdb6dd6b3b785fbd6e87d466f386b3f1cd9b50faf7d847c047a788954e48} client satisfaction.  He and his team were the leaders in closed transactions statewide from 1990 thru 2006.  Unfortunately, we lost Truman in December of 2005.  He was our dad, father-in-law, leader, mentor, encourager, and best friend.  The Ball Team closed a record 650 transactions in 2006 (the year after Truman’s passing), because of his direction.


As many of you know, there was a big pop in the real estate bubble that happened in the 2006-07 years.  This pop along with the loss of Truman left us in a tailspin.  The market has been slow to recover, but all signs are pointing to growth again and we are starting to experience a taste of our former success.  Back in the day, The Ball Team consisted of approximately 17 members, each with their own area of expertise.  Today, we are 10 members strong.  The team is broken into buyer specialist, listing specialist, administration, marketing, closing coordinator, and courier departments.  Because of this approach, we are able to help many more buyers and sellers than your typical “do it all” agent.


The days of 650+ transactions are behind us, but we are on pace to double our output from last year and hopefully see that 2006 success again in the near future.


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